Why Sprouted Wheat?

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High Quality Ingredients

All of our bread mixes and flours are made only with Certified Organic Non GMO SPROUTED whole grain wheat.

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Our Story

When my oldest son was eight years old, he started getting headaches and stomach aches almost constantly. For the next year of our lives, we found ourselves reading all sorts of books, visiting all sorts of doctors and having all sorts of tests done to eventually find out that he was allergic to wheat.

We learned quickly that the food options for those who don’t eat wheat were limited, expensive and tasted a lot like packing peanuts mixed with glue. During this time, we discovered that our son (who couldn’t eat wheat) had no reactions when he ate wheat sprouts! This unexpected discovery led Cindy to a decade of study and research into food and nutrition, while Bryun was assigned the taste-testing duties of Cindy’s work.

Why Sprouted?

Our breads and mixes are made only from sprouted wheat flours making them higher in protein and fiber, lower in carbs, and nutritionally packed!

A Gift For Any Occasion

Our mixes are not only great for your family, but they're perfect for housewarming gifts, bridal showers, neighbor gifts for Christmas time, great for in-laws and grandparents who don't want another knick-knack to add to their shelves, teacher appreciation gifts, or any other hard to buy/ what-do-I-get them occasion.

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