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Our son had been sick for a very long time. More than anything we wanted to help him get better, but when we finally got the diagnosis that he was allergic to wheat, we had no idea where to turn. Everything we ate seemed to have wheat in it. The gluten Free options we found tasted a lot like the box they came in, had the texture of sand and were loaded with sugar. It was nothing a child would love to eat.  (Not to mention it lacked the nutrition that we knew he needed). 

As we searched to find an alternative that would taste good, but also be healthy, we discovered the health benefits of sprouted wheat. The sprouting process not only made the wheat higher in nutrients, but it also made it easier to digest. 
During this time, we discovered that our son (who couldn’t eat wheat) had no reactions when he ate wheat sprouts! This unexpected discovery led Cindy to a decade of study and research into food and nutrition, while Bryun was assigned the taste-testing duties of Cindy’s work. After lots of trials and tests, we found a way to turn the wheat sprouts into a flour that our son could eat with no reactions. Finally our son (and our family) could eat normal-tasting foods again!

We never intended this to become a business, but we shared our story and some bread with a few friends and family. Some of those friends and family shared that bread with others, until word-of-mouth had built up a group of customers that has grown steadily since then. It was obvious that there were a lot of people that wanted to eat bread, cookies, pancakes, pizza crust and anything else flour-based AND still have it taste good. And so, Sprouted Wheat was officially born.